01. Company Overview

Company Name

Hanwha Energy Corporation


In-Sub Jung

Date of

December 17, 2007

Category of

Electricity generation /
Steam and hot water supply


KRW 67.7 Billion

HQ Address

411, Hannuri-daero, Sejong-si, Republic of Korea

Yeosu Plant

145 Sandanjungang-ro, Yeosu-si,
Jeollanam-do, South Korea

Gunsan Plant

1222 Oehang-ro, Gunsan-si, Jeollabuk-do,
South Korea

Business Areas

  • Development, production, transport, distribution, and sales of energies including group energy, renewable energies,
    and resource development
  • Installation and operation of energy supply facilities
  • Investment in other energy related businesses
combined heat and power plant. Hanwha Energy produces steam and electricity with a highly utilized energy generation process, gaining market competitiveness. / Solar Power Generation. Our expansion into the solar power generation business to produce electricity using solar energy is matched only by our commitment to develop infinite clean energy.

02. Vision and Mission

  • vision

    Global Energy Solutions Provider

    global Energy specialist supplying energy
    at the best quality and price
    Energy Solutions Leader in renewable energy
    Provider Young company that seeks to grow
    through new challenges and innovations
  • mission

    Hanwha Energy   is committed to providing values to our customers, satisfaction to our employees and contribution to society’s welfare.

    Best energy and services Create corporate value
    Realization of customer values Provide meaningful products
    and services to our customers
    Employment satisfaction Provide a happy workplace
    and economic values
    to employees
    Rich society Contribute to the rich society
    of the future

03. Milestones


    Enter electrical power retail business in Australia
    Construction of FR ESS project(125MWh) in Ireland is begun
    Enter electrical power retail business in USA
    Construction of 125MW solar power plant in Mexico is completed
    Construction of 100MW solar power plant in Vietnam is completed
    A 66.7MW solar power generation bidding and an 227MWh Energy Storage System bidding are won in Hawaii
    Construction of 67.6MW solar power plants in Japan is completed
    Construction on 50MW ultra large-scale hydrogen fuel cell power plant is begun
    Construction on 236MW solar power plant in Texas, USA is begun
    A 48MW solar power generation business is launched in Malaysia
    An Energy Storage System is established in Saemangeum, Korea
    Turbine capacity is increased to 99MW at the Gunsan plant
    Enters hydrogen fuel cell power generation business
    An 89MWh solar power generation bidding and an 83MWh Energy Storage System bidding are won in Guam
    Hanwha Energy Integrated System(HEIS) is launched
    402MW Power Purchase Agreement in Nevada, USA is signed
    Enters solar power generation business in Australia
    Enters 211MW solar power generation business in India Self-sufficient renewable energy project on Korea’s Jukdo Island is launched
    Enters 32MW solar power generation business in Turkey
    Construction of a 24MW commercial solar power plant in Kitsuki, Japan is begun
    Global solar power generation business is launched
    Yeosu Cogeneration and Gunjang Cogeneration companies are merged to become Hanwha Energy
    Commercial production in Gunjang Cogeneration company is begun
    Yeosu Cogeneration company is designed by the Korea Energy
    Agency as an Energy Service Company (ESCO) class 2 (steam)
    Commercial production in Yeosu Cogeneration company is begun
    Yeosu Cogeneration Co.,Ltd. and Gunjang Cogeneration Co.,Ltd. are established


04. Networks

Hanwha Energy HQ Photo

Hanwha Energy HQ

Yeosu Plant Photo

Yeosu Plant

Gunsan Plant Photo

Gunsan Plant


We are pursuing advancement to global markets through overseas group energy projects as well as new and renewable energy projects such as
the construction of a 24MW solar power plant in Kitsuki, Japan which will start commercial production in 2015.
Therefore, we are expanding our overseas branches.

world map
Korea Headquarters / Tokyo, Japan / California, USA / New York, USA / Texas, USA / Sydney, Australia / Hanoi, Vietnam / Singapore / Madrid, Spain

05. Financial Statements

  • Consolidated Income Statement Unit 100 million KRW
    Consolidated Income Statement

    Details of Consolidated Income Statement

    2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
    Sales 4,595 4,229 4,877 5,667 9,587
    Operating profit 1,731 1,296 1,131 1,105 2,205
    Net Income 1,283 1,475 2,281 2,421 2,830
    Profits attributable
    to owners of the parent
    1,283 1,475 2,281 2,422 2,733
  • Consolidated Balance Sheet Unit 100 million KRW
    Consolidated Balance Sheet

    Details of Consolidated Balance Sheet

    2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
    Current assets 1,556 2,070 2,727 5,649 7,232
    Non-current assets 7,102 15,073 18,626 23,624 26,331
    Total assets 8,658 17,143 21,353 29,273 33,563
    Current liabilities 1,611 4,160 5,617 10,318 9,036
    Non-current liabilities 1,519 6,123 7,168 7,969 10,847
    Total liabilities 3,130 10,283 12,785 18,287 19,883
    Controlling interests 5,528 6,855 8,565 10,976 1,364
    Non-controlling interests - 5 3 10 4
    Total equity 5,528 6,860 8,568 10,986 13,680